Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Figure restoration sometimes involves a lot more than just liposuction or a simple tummy tuck. After a significant or massive weight loss, you can make a complete return to a youthful or pre-pregnancy figure with a comprehensive approach to dealing with several areas of blocked fat. This may include managing additional problems such as a permanent stretching of muscles or loss of skin elasticity.

Body contouring makes use of a number of surgical options:
  • Abdominoplasty with liposuction. A true waistline can be restored and the muscles tightened. In this procedure, the abdomen can be sculpted with liposuction to give definition to the muscles. Thighs and buttocks can be extensively lifted at the same time.
  • Breast lift and reduction. These two closely related procedures can be performed together and can be extensive enough to include rolls of fatty tissue in front of the armpit.
  • Upper arm reduction. Fat above the elbow can be removed by liposuction, using one tiny, quarter-inch incision that will disappear without leaving a scar. If you address the problem while you are young and the skin is still elastic, the skin will shrink spontaneously, and the problem will be solved.

Results: Swelling should subside in 2-4 weeks, and normal activity can be resumed at that time. Breast and abdomen shape may take 1-3 months to fully refine. Incision lines will continue to flatten and fade for up to 1 year. Strenuous activity can begin again in 4-6 weeks, although aggressive torso exercises are not needed because the abdomen has been returned to pre-pregnancy or pre-weightloss conditions. A dramatic figure restoration is a great incentive to continue a good diet and exercise program. Significant weight gain may reverse the results.

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