Q: I am considering cosmetic surgery, but I'm not sure where to begin to choose a plastic surgeon.

A: You can obtain a referral for board-certified plastic surgeons in your area by going to the web site of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons: www.plasticsurgery.org. Friends and family are also good sources for referrals.

Q: I have been thinking about having some facial procedures but have seen people who look unnatural following cosmetic procedures. How do I know that I won't get the "windblown" look?

A: Our physicians at Legacy Plastic Surgeons have an in-depth consultation with each patient to determine their expectations. Our physicians strive to give patients a refreshed, rested look without an unnatural appearance.

Q: How long do facial fillers generally last?

A: The most commonly used facial filler is Juvéderm®. It is frequently used to fill lines between the nose and mouth (the nasolabial area) and lasts approximately 9-12 months.

Q: Am I able to get Juvéderm during my first office visit? How long before I will see results?

A: You can get Juvéderm injected during your first office visit, and you will see immediate results. Some patients bruise, but this should subside in several days.

Q: I've been hearing a lot about Botox® lately. What exactly is it used for? How long does it last?

A: Botox is FDA-approved for injection into the vertical lines between the brows. Sometimes these lines cause an angry or worried appearance to the face. Botox lasts between 4-6 months.