About eyelid surgery
I have been extremely happy with the results of my eyelid surgery. From the beginning, Dr. Lehman listened to my concerns, and he and his staff all helped me to understand the entire procedure. I had droopy upper eyelids and puffy bags under my eyes. The surgery didn't take long, and my recovery went fine. I was healing well and looking pretty good after a week. By the time three weeks had gone by, I would really see the results. I looked more refreshed and younger around my eyes than I had in years! I have recommended Dr. Lehman to many people since I had this surgery. I felt I was in good hands! - K.T.

About breast augmentation
I had a breast augmentation by Dr. Lehman, and it has made a huge difference in my life as far as my self-confidence is concerned. I now feel like my body is in proportion and shopping for clothes is a pleasure. It was always something I wanted to do but was nervous about until I talked to a friend who had the surgery. It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself, and I would definitely do it again. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to work with. - E.P.

About noses
I had a rhinoplasty by Dr. Lehman, and I couldn't be happier. I didn't want a huge change or a tiny nose that didn't fit my face. He just smoothed out the bump and made it a bit smaller. I love it! I still look like me, only better! I wish I'd done it years earlier. In addition, Dr. Lehman and his staff were so kind — they gave me great care throughout the whole process. - S.S.

About post-partum body reshaping
Thank you, Doctor Lehman and the entire staff at Legacy Plastic Surgeons! I love my new figure! Dr. Lehman, I want to thank you for giving me back my figure (the way it was before two C-sections)! I am able to see my feet! I am able to wear any type of clothing and tuck my shirts in! You have truly made a difference for me personally. I did it for me and I couldn't be happier! - L.J. (aka "Flat-as-a-Board")

About Botox®
I get Botox® injections at Legacy Plastic Surgeons, and I love the results! I never thought I would do anything like this, but now I am hooked. I was worried that there would be pain involved, but it is very minimal. I felt like I was starting to look older than my actual age, because I had horizontal lines on my forehead which were noticeable because I don't wear bangs. After I receive Botox® within 3-4 days the lines virtually disappear. It makes me feel so much more confident. It is such an easy process, and the staff is so nice to work with. I have recommended them to all my friends. - M.S.

About facial reshaping
I had surgery for my double chin at Legacy Plastic Surgeons. I had lost a fair amount of weight and loved my new figure, but I still had a "double chin." The downtime was minimal, and now I feel like my face matches the rest of my body. This is one of the best things I've ever done for me. - T.L.